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Katsukawa SHUN'EI
(c. 1762 - 1819)
The actor, Iwai Hanshirô IV as Karigane no Ofumi (?)

Signed:                         Shun'ei ga
Date:                             1770-1773
Publisher:                    Nishimura-ya Yohachi ('Eijudô')
Size:                              hosoban nishiki-e (c. 32.5 x 15 cms / c. 12 3/4" x 6")

Fine impression, good colors, minor thinning at
reverse corners, else in very good overall condition.

ref. no.:  # 753162
Price:     € 1,850.00

The actor, Iwai Hanshirô IV (active 11/1765 - 3/1810) seen here in a female role. He was a star at Edo's stages, an 'onnagata' (actor in female roles). His actor / family crest is seen on his costume. - He had died on March 28, 1800.

ex. HAYASHI collection (the round, red collector's seal at bottom left)

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