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Katsukawa SHUNSHÔ
(c. 1762 - 1830)
The actors, Ichikawa Komazô II (1766-1838) and Sakatu Hangorô III (1756-1795)

Signed:                         Shunsen ga
Date:                             c. 1770
Size:                              hosoban diptych (c. 30.3 x 13.5 cms / c. 12" x 5 1/4", each)

Very good impression, good color and condition.

Galérie Berès, Paris, with the round 'Berès' seal au verso.

ref. no.:  # 763218
Price:     € 3,900.00
The left sheet shows the actor, Ichikawa Komazô II (1766 - 1838), dressed in a black cape; his kimono is decorated with flying birds. He is turning left and looking at the threatening-looking Sakatu Hangorô III (1756-1795), who is about to draw one of his swords, which are attached to his belt, out of the scabbard. - By the end of the year 1801, Ichikawa Komazô II changed his name to Matsumoto Koshirô V.

Ex. personal collection of Huguette BERÈS of the Galérie Berès, Paris (round collector's seal on recto on lower right corners of the prints).

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