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Part III
MORONOBU - HASEGAWA (publ.), a.o.
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ref. no. # E 2468
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GAIKOTSU, Miyatake (editor)

Ukiyo-e work show - vol I:
Moronobu (1618 - 1694)

Published: 1909
92 pp. with illutrations
and explanatory text.

Vol. 1 of a 12-part set on
renowned ukiyo-e artists,
this being on Hishikawa
Moronobu and early ukiyo-e.

Contents in excellent condition,
slight rubbing to edges of covers,
else fine overall condition.

Price:  € 260.00


ref. no. # E 2457
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A Study of Ancient Patterns:
Original pictures by the masters,
Motonobu, Korin, Matabei, Itcho,
Moronobu, Hokusai, Zeshin, Yosai

Published: 1909
2 pp. intro; 50 pp. w/h illustrations,
hashira-numbered 1 through 25.

A variety of nature prints and
design patterns in black ink.

In very good general condition.
Minor signs of use only (covers).

Rare / - SOLD -

ref. no. # E 712599
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HASEGAWA, Takejiro
(publisher,  1853 - 1938)

Dichtergruesse aus dem Osten

Illustrated book, complete in 1 vol.; 100 pp.
with numerous color ills.; comes with the
original woodblock-printed chitsu wrapper.
Japanese poems adapted by Karl Florenz.

Edition in German.
Tokyo / Leipzig;
dated: Meiji 27 (1894)

Price: € 350.00

Fine impression, color and condition,
- rare with the separate chitsu wrapper
(of which only the clasps are missing)

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